Workflow and benefits

Just like the process of protein synthesis, the translation process consists of several steps and includes specific checkpoints to ensure a final product which is both accurate and effective
Typical Workflow

1. Project analysis

Feasibility assessment; identification of your document’s intended use; pinpointing of the project’s critical features and applicable strategies.

2. Resource organisation

Collection and processing of the reference materials you provide; design and creation of an ad hoc terminology database as a support for translation and quality control; setting up of a professional team (for extensive projects or specific requests).

3. Translation

With utmost attention to your instructions and preferences, your corporate language, and your translated document’s intended use.

4. Translation proofreading against your source document

In order to check completeness, accuracy and consistency.

5. Editing

To fine-tune the communicative effectiveness of your translation.

6. Quality control

Verification of the final product’s respondency to specific quality criteria.

7. On-time translation delivery

On-time translation delivery is a priority.

Exclusive benefits for you

You have plenty of good reasons to call on a qualified specialized translator
  • Be directly in touch with your trusted translator

    I will personally deliver the service you require (for French and English)

  • The peace of mind of knowing who you are entrusting your projects to

    If you were satisfied with the quality of the first assignment, you won't be disappointed with subsequent projects

  • Guaranteed consistent – and even growing – quality through time

    With each new project I will be able to know you and your business better, and to deliver a "tailored" service, accurately reflecting your business needs and identity

  • No more information getting lost along the way

    By choosing to exclude all intermediaries, you can be confident that none of your guidelines, instructions and preferences will ever get lost or be ignored: every piece of information will be registered in specific documents and applied to any new project using ad hoc tools