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Find answers to your questions

“What’s the difference between translating and interpreting?”
“How can I save time and money?”
“What if I did it myself?”
If you ever asked yourself one of these questions, AITI’s guide to buying translation is just what you need.

A guide to purchasing translation services

Wisely choosing who you delegate the translation of your documents or your website to is important for many reasons, as Chris Durban skilfully explains in the concise guide you can find here on the left.

Just think of how many resources you committed to the creation of the material you now need to translate into another language. Or just think about how costly a sloppy translation could be for your business.

Without a doubt, this is something you should evaluate with care, keeping in mind that the price you will pay is already a good indicator of the quality you will get.


Terms of business

All services are provided under AITI Terms of Business for technical and scientific translators.

Prices may vary according to multiple factors, such as the level of specialisation required, volume, urgency and file format.

Please contact me for a free quote.