Professional development

Constantly expanding on subject matters, communication skills and technical tools

New discoveries, new intervention techniques, new IT tools, new communication media: scientific translators need to keep up with an ever more diverse and dynamic environment. In order to guarantee a quality service up to your expectations, I never quit upgrading and strengthening my skills. Please find further below a list of the most relevant training courses I’ve attended so far.

Medical & Life Sciences0%
CAT & Other Technical Skills0%
Publishing & Communication0%
Terminology Management & Quality Control0%
Incidental Domains0%

Medical & Life Sciences

  • Chemical Risk Analysis and Assessment (Nov 2015; Andrea Cattaneo, PhD, for AITI)
  • Understanding and Translating Prosthodontics (Oct 2015; Maurizio Camandona for AITI)
  • Understanding and Translating Medical Records and Reports (Apr 2015; Filippo Bianchi, MD, for AITI)
  • Vaccine Trials: Methods and Best Practices (June-Aug 2013; Johns Hopkins University/Coursera)

Publishing & Communication

  • Medical Writing for Translators (Oct 2017; Tiziano Cornegliani & Metella Partelini for AITI)
  • Transcreation for Advertising and Promotional Texts (Mar-Apr 2014; Claudia Benetello)
  • Transcreation: When, Why & What Is It? (Apr 2014; Michael Farrell for AITI)
  • Translating and Writing for the Web (Mar 2012; Andrea Spila)
  • Editorial Techniques for Scientific Publications (Feb-Apr 2010; Trans-Edit Group)
  • Copyediting and Proofreading for Scientific Publications (July 2009; Trans-Edit Group)
  • Managing Quotations in Editorial Translations (Oct-Nov 2009; Isabella C. Blum)
  • The Editorial Translator and Translating for the Publishing Industry, 3rd module (Sept-Dec 2006; Isabella C. Blum)

CAT & Other Technical Skills

  • Web Localisation – In Quest of the Magic Formula  (Dec 2016; Marco Cevoli for AITI)
  • An Introduction to Trados Studio 2015 (July 2016; Luca Menozzi for Trans-Edit Group)
  • SDL Webinars on Trados Studio & MultiTerm (various; 2013-2014; SDL Language Solutions)
  • InDesign Training Course – Beginners (May-June 2012; Mohole)
  • Trados Studio 2011 (Dec 2011; Luca Menozzi for Trans-Edit Group)

Terminology Management & Quality Control

  • Terminology Personas: The Role of Terminologist and Terminology Manager (Apr 2015; Silvia Cerrella Bauer for SDL Language Solutions)
  • Terminology Workflows (Apr 2014; Kara Warburton for SDL Language Solutions)
  • Creating a Termbase – The Data Model, Data Categories and What to Include (Mar 2014; Kara Warburton for SDL Language Solutions)
  • The Business Case for Terminology Management in a Corporate Translation Environment (Feb 2014; Kara Warburton for SDL Language Solutions)
  • The Fundamentals of Terminology Management (Feb 2014; Kara Warburton for SDL Language Solutions)

Incidental Domains

  • Understanding Industrial Property (Patents & Trademarks) (Oct 2015; Dario Mazzardo & Luca Canuto for AITI)
  • Understanding Notarial Acts – Part I: Non-Litigious Proceedings (Feb 2014; Chiara Grazioli, NP, for AITI)
  • Legal English (Jan-Feb 2008; Arianna Grasso)